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Digital Marketing For Condos, Beach Real Estate Listing Syndication

Digital Syndication : Beach Homes

Property Listing Syndication Agreement

Terms & Conditions

Beach MLS™ agrees to:

  • Create a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) property listing.
  • Syndicate listing to multiple websites, blogs & social media platforms.
  • Syndicate Websites & Blogs to multiple social media platforms.
  • Syndicate Websites & Blogs via RSS to 1000's of existing webpages.

Customer agrees that:

  • Beach MLS™ provides a fee-based, Listing Syndication Service.
  • Beach MLS™ may use listing content from submitted web-page.
  • Beach MLS™ may edit and/or refuse any listing.
  • No other services are provided, all sales are final.

* Exclusively for Beach-area Homes.